‘Reassuring  & Experienced’

Mary Claire was very helpful from the first time we met her. She put us at our ease,  I thought it might be like court on tv.We had no clue as to what we needed to do to separate. She says she used principles of mediation to guide us through and find a way forward that suited both of us.If she did I didnt notice. I think her experience also as a lawyer reassured us, as she was down to earth  during the process and guided us to a satisfactory outcome. With her help we were able to work out a separation agreement that was fair for each of us. Mediation saved us the financial worry of a massive legal bill and that was probably the greatest headache for us.’

Tracey, Kilkenny.

‘Saved our sanity’

We had been fighting and blaming each other for months, Mary Claire met us away from home at a neutral place where we were both able to listen to each other and were  at peace. It was like talking when we first got together no kids interrupting. It was great to have a stranger there instead of my parents and her sister taking sides which never got us anywhere except into a shouting match. It was a hard time and Mary Claire stayed with us until every issue was teased out. We now have both got on with our lives and have a healthy relationship with the two kids I highly recommend Mary Claire as a mediator’

Rob, Cork.

‘Felt listened to’

I had wanted to be buried in the old family plot in England but my children never listened. We all went to mediation and my wishes were put down on paper and now I can rest easy as I know my wishes will be respected’

Jack, Cork

‘A stress free & positive experience within our budget’

Aoife, Cork


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