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Choose a mediator :

The following should help you choose your mediator:

Question 1.


It is imperative that the mediator you choose is well qualified and experienced. Get as much information as you can before selecting one. Many people who do not have qualifications or experience call themselves mediators. Unfortunately we have received requests to ‘remediate’ a number of cases due to this difficulty.

So, ask your mediator if they are accredited, if they hold insurance and a practising certificate.

All of our mediators are fully accredited and have a diploma in mediation as well as being solicitors. We are issued with practising certificates and this ensures that we comply with professional standards.

Our mediators don’t give legal advice, however you will have the benefit of their legal experience from their time practising in the courts as solicitors. Please note you can get any advice you wish from a professional during the process and prior to signing any agreement.

Many mediators will be happy to talk to you on the phone about their services and give you lots of mediation information that you may require.

How much experience does your mediator have and other mediation information?

This is crucial in trying to find a suitable mediator. I have been mediating for a number of years in a wide number of areas and am aware parties are placing trust and confidence in a me. It is vital that you can rest assured of their ability to assist you find a suitable outcome. So ask your mediator if they have experience before you hire them. Ask them are they accredited and how many mediations have they done.

Although, separation mediation and divorce mediation are rapidly growing areas you might find it hard to find a mediator in your locality. We serve all of Ireland and other areas upon request. We can travel to your local area to help you resolve your difficulties.

How would you (as a mediator) deal with deadlock or stalemate in a mediation?

It is important that your mediator will give you and the other party enough room to explore your areas of disagreement and conflict thoroughly. This is necessary so that you don’t settle now for something that you might regret later or break down at some point in the future.

Gender of the mediator

Should you both sense that you can trust the mediator and that he or she can help you both reach an agreement, then you have found the right mediator. If the process works for you, you will be able to look back on the mediation process as one of your accomplishments. With help from a third person, you have found a way together to separate or divorce or even reconcile.

In my experience, being a female I am keen to ensure the male party feels at ease that he does not feel like my neutrality is compromised and indeed at the same time I need to be fair to both parties. Training has been provided for this too.


An experienced mediator knowledgeable about the law will charge more than one who is less qualified, but she or he will be more valuable to you and more efficient in conducting the mediation. You will benefit from their years of experience. Use this article and the mediation information provided within to choose your mediator.


Another aspect when choosing your mediator can be if they charge a retainer. While you will avoid the high retainers which solicitors require (usually a few thousand euro). Because mediation costs less, mediators require smaller retainers if they require them at all. If your mediator does require a retainer be sure to get agreement that he or she will refund any unused portion to you both.

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Also has extensive experience as a family lawyer (in Ireland and also qualified in UK & Wales) prior to becoming a full time family mediator. She also mediates in other fields such as divorce mediation, separation mediation and commercial mediation. She conducts several mediations per month and has a diploma in mediation as well as a law degree. Our mediators are in a position to travel to your local area to mediate. Email us :  You can also phone us on 087 98 32 112 Please visit our website for more information on mediation:

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Mary Claire McCarthy is a certified member of The Mediator’s Institute of Ireland. The information on this website is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice. While Mary Claire is a solicitor she is not practising and thus, is not in a position to give legal advice. However, she does have invaluable experience from representing clients for a number of years in court.

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