What is the Dublin Mediation  Service?           

Our Dublin Mediation service provides a voluntary process whereby a neutral party (mediator) assists both parties in finding an amicable resolution of their differences. The end product is a legally binding settlement agreement that will be recognised by the courts.

By using a Mediator the hope is that through using various principles the mediator will ultimately draft a legally binding agreement that suits both parties. Finally, your Dublin mediator will help control the process and YOU the parties will control the agenda and decide on the outcome.

Call today on 087 98 32 112 or email; mediation@live.ie

Cost of using a Dublin Mediator?

Our Rates are Affordable for Dublin Mediation as we understand many are under financial pressure.

Unlike other Mediators we do not charge a retainer to meet the parties. Therefore, we charge on an hourly basis not per person per session. This means the fee you are quoted will be the same regardless of how many parties attend the session.

Venue for Mediation?

We can meet parties throughout Dublin city centre and county. at a venue that suits you both. We have an office in Sandyford and near Blanchardstown both next to the M50 motorway . Or we can call to your home or meet at a neutral venue it depends on each individual which is the best option for them. 

Is there a Waiting list?

Once contacted your mediation will take place as soon as possible. We aim to meet parties quickly in order that matters can be resolved sooner rather than later. We find when we are contacted parties are often very stressed  and feel they are at their wits end so we try to help them. Thus meeting as quickly as possible will help parties begin the process of resolving matters.

Contact Us:

Please call us on 087 98 32 112 or email us : mediation@live.ie to see if we can help resolve your unique situation

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