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What is Mediation?

Mediation Ireland is a voluntary process. It allows the parties in difficulty the opportunity to address their issues. This occurs in a confidential neutral environment.

Mediation helps resolve a dispute in a mutually acceptable way. The role of the trained mediator is to help find a way out of a problem.

Regularly the meetings commence early in the morning. So, often, an agreement is reached & can be drawn up by that afternoon.

Why choose this service?

Firstly, at Mediation Ireland our mediators are fully certified. In addition, they have diplomas in mediation. All of our mediators are also qualified solicitors ( though not practising). In addition, they have extensive experience in the courts. Finally, all of our mediators have worked as such for nearly 10 years.

However, some people prefer to meet for a session on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Often, cases can be complex and you may rather think about the agreement before signing. The mediator will be flexible to meet your needs.

Is my situation suitable for mediation?

Any civil matter can be mediated upon. Family matters, workplace issues, commercial mediation. In addition, disputes with neighbours and elder mediation is a growing area for our practitioners.

Mediation is less adversarial than court. It is an interest based process based on consensus and collaborative agreement. Also, mediation allows for creative solutions which may not be available in other processes.  Finally, mediation works towards lasting solutions for the disputing parties . Where there is an ongoing relationship places significant emphasis on how the parties will engage in the future. 

Both in monetary and personal terms, mediation is inexpensive compared to litigation.

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