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  • Mediation is fast becoming the preferred option of dispute resolution above the court system and indeed arbitration. Why? Because parties can make the decisions on their own with the help of a trained mediator.
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An EU Directive on mediation for certain commercial and civil matters has come into law in Ireland.

Following on from the above The Mediation Act came into law in Ireland in 2018. This enabled parties to obtain a legally binding agreement through mediation. Parties could obtain a document at mediation that provided them with an agreement that could be upheld by the courts if they wished to go to the court afterwards.


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Mary Claire McCarthy is a Certified Member of Mediators Institute of Ireland.

The information on this website is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice.While Mary Claire is a solicitor she is not practising and thus, is not in a position to give legal advice. However, she does have invaluable experience from representing clients for a number of years in court.

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