Separation or Divorce – Do it Yourself with the Help of a Mediator

Our mediators have been helping people get a resolution of issues in their marriage for many years. Our vast experience working in the family courts as solicitors* enable us to help parties draft an amicable agreement in a short space of time. It is essential if you want to get a diy divorce or diy separation to have all of the headings necessary for the agreement discussed and resolved. We provide parties with templates and although we dont give legal advice you are welcome to draw on our experience in the courts in making your decisions.

If parties wish to separate or divorce and do it themselves. Mediation can help parties work out what is best for them. Parties work with a mediator to ensure All areas are discussed prior to separating or divorcing. with  the help of a trained accredited mediator 

Many parties who come to us dont know what should go into an agreement and rely on others to tell them and often this can lead to further conflict. However, our service which draws on our experience as solicitors is unique in that it facilitates discussion for parties on areas they may never have thought of in ending a marriage.

If parties feel their case might be complex or they cant get an agreement on certain issues without it breaking down then mediation may help before engaging in the diy divorce proceedings.

Mediation is a voluntary process whereby both parties are invited to raise their concerns and be heard by the other party. There are ground rules for communication and the mediator uses principles in order to help you both have the conversation you wanted all along but couldnt due to arguments or disagreements etc.

Why not try mediation before court you have nothing to lose. It might just help you both find the solution you have been looking for.

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*legal advice is not given but parties can draw on the mediator’s experience of working as a solicitor


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