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What are Mediation Services?
Firstly, mediation is an alternative process to using the court system to resolve a dispute. It involves an independent third party who acts as a facilitator (assistant) between the parties to assist them to explore ways to resolve their differences and reach an agreement that best addresses their needs.
For instance, many of our clients tell us that their Judge suspended their court case so that individuals in dispute can attend mediation services.
The Mediation Services Mediation Instead of court offers are:
Family mediation services
Many issues may need to be discussed in a sensitive manner and at a pace that suits all parties.
What do we discuss at mediation?
Issues such as access and custody of children, family home, and other assets such as perhaps second home abroad, access to pension rights and rights that may arise under a will. However, with family mediation services both parties with the mediator decide on an outcome. Another concern may be the payment of maintenance for partner and any children. Often a Parenting Plan can be drawn up for separating parents in order for them to take into account how the family will operate on a daily basis in the future such as managing responsibilities like school arrangements, holidays, and child care.
Can a solicitor sort these things out for me?
These are issues that a solicitor may not be able to guarantee for you as the opposing party will also have a solicitor. However, with mediation both parties with the mediator help decide a favourable outcome with everyone’s best interests.

Once settlement is achieved between the parties and the mediator the mediation agreement is drawn up. Individuals can specify whether they would like a mediated settlement agreement for Separation/Divorce. This is a legally binding document between the parties.

Spouses who wish to then formalise the matter and sign a formal Deed of Separation/Divorce may do so. However, this service is not offered by Mediation instead of court. But, as stated above we can help you achieve a legally binding typed document.

Workplace and Employment Mediation services
The workplace can be a very stressful environment for many parties. Harassment/bullying among other issues can be a problem and can affect performance standards. These issues may affect an employee’s emotional wellbeing and thus their work performance. This can often lead to conflict.

It can be difficult to achieve resolution without compromising neutrality. A neutral facilitator who remains objective can often be the catalyst in achieving mutually acceptable resolutions. Find out more about employment mediation here.

Landlord & Tenant Mediation services
When a Landlord and a Tenant enter into a Lease agreement both parties have rights and responsibilities. Any number of issues can cause conflict these could include rent, repairs, termination, deposits, However, with both parties willing to resolve matters mediation can prove a cost effective way of dealing with such matters.
Commercial Services
 Any dispute of a business nature can be resolved through mediation with the assistance of a neutral third party. Typical conflicts include;  firstly a property owner alleging breach of contract,  secondly, negligent or improper work,  thirdly, a supplier alleging non payment for materials or one contractor against another for breach of contract, negligent or improper work or non payment.
Elder Services
Firstly, what is this. It involves a senior who fully participates either independently or with a representative to the fullest extent possible in issues that affect them and their future. This process will maintain his/her dignity and affords them optimal dignity and autonomy by giving him/her a voice in decisions that affect his/her quality of life.

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Finally, medical disputes can lead to expensive lawsuits that are costly for both sides. Often, they are the result of misunderstanding and could have been resolved without litigation. Mediators can work with the medical professionals to assist in resolving these issues and enable individuals move forward.

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