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Child Maintenance Mediation & Access or Custody

Most of our family mediation work is for people who wish to sort out issues relating to child custody and access. We can help make arrangements around duration, time for access and custody. We can help you get a typed legally binding agreement, that if broken you can bring to the courts. and ask to have enforced.

In addition guardianship can be part of the conversation if you wish. Often we  discuss maintenance. Mediation is perhaps the most cost efficient way for individuals to resolve issues around children.

Am I likely to get money for my child’s benefit from child maintenance mediation?

Child maintenance is a big concern for many parents.When parents work with a  mediator, they are likely to reach a settlement 80 % of the time. Parents are usually much more satisfied with mediation than with litigation. Most importantly, however, if parents use mediation to divorce or separate, they will have control over the future. Whereas in adversarial litigation, the judge determines how parents will spend time with their children.

Child Custody & Access/child maintenance Mediation

A process whereby both and a neutral third party develop a plan to parent their children after they separate. When parents separate the children often find themselves caught in the middle of disputes. They may feel disloyal to one parent while trying to be supportive to the other. When parties work together they can avoid the battles that are so damaging.  Moreover, they can include the children in the decision-making in a way that will empower them. This may also give them responsibility. Another benefit of (maintenance) mediation is that children do not develop loyalty conflicts . Instead, they benefit as they can express their feelings and know that they are being listened to.

What other people say about child maintenance mediation:

Robert from Dublin recently summed up this form of mediation “It helped us to focus on the children instead of focusing on how we feel about the other parent.” With the improved satisfaction, the increased mutual decision-making, and the decreased hostility, mediation is clearly a healthier alternative than litigation. Plus it also helps to save costs. We can help work out a family parenting plan to deal with all issues around the child such as residency, discipline, their future needs, spirituality, health care, school issues and many more depending on each individual.

Child Maintenance:  Maintenance of the child is very important. Both parties can sit down with a neutral party (mediator) and work through options without it ending up in an argument. Both parties can agree on financial arrangements for their children outside of the courts system and work out the needs that best suit them and the children. It also means that any time new arrangements are made or needed the costly legal fees won’t apply.

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