Counselling or Mediation

How do I choose between counselling or mediation? Most people commence mediation in order to obtain relief from a crisis of some sort in their life. They desire a change but do not know how to achieve it.

Mediation is similar to Counselling in that it provides a practical way forward. We have completed a masterclass in couples therapy to assist with our work in helping couples.

How can I make things different? What will help me?

Our Services can aid you by providing effective solutions with a  focused trained mediator and this will open up the door for positive change in your life.

Many people try counselling before they come to mediation. We can also aid parties try to find a new way of communicating at mediation. This sometimes helps find a new way forward for the marriage or relationship. Thus, we meet draw up a mutually agreeable plan for both parties and then after a few weeks or months they attend again and we explore how effective it was for them.  It is up to you to make this part successful in saving the relationship. But, rest assured we will endeavour to make every effort to try to find a way to make a positive change in the relationship for you both, if requested.

If unsuccessful we explore options going forward from there.

Our mission is to help you to find a mutually acceptable way forward.

How do I minimise the effect of our Separation/Divorce on the children and ourselves? Which may help counselling or mediation?

We offer a comprehensive Parenting Plan which will take you through the future needs of your children practical and otherwise. We also will go through the process of how we tell the kids and provide a unique pamphlet. Children respond to structure and we can assist you both in achieving that for yourself and the children. In this way it can be confused with counselling but it offers practical support throughout. As we are not qualified counsellors but we offer assistance to couples and indeed any parties going through difficulties. 

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