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Want to improve your marriage. Like accord our  services help resolve conflicts or disputes including misunderstandings in relationships. Mediation is a method of dealing with conflicts. Through negotiations and conversations, endeavours are made to reach an agreement that both parties can feel happy with. The parties decide themselves whether to enter into an agreement which will be drawn up by the mediator and once signed will be binding between the parties.

Anyone can contact our Mediation and Reconciliation Services for information, advice or guidance on a relevant matter. All enquiries are welcome.

We are similar to Accord who offer programmes however, we offer a practical side of helping your relationship.


In 21st century Ireland we all get caught up in the excitement of getting married and looking forward to a happy life together.

While there is nothing wrong with this we all change and people’s expectations do not always work out as planned. Even the best of intentions can go astray.

Our service helps couples learn to live together in accord .We help couples find a new way of communicating together and this in turn leads to people understanding each other in a better way and thus this lends itself to a happier life together

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What we do

We will help you both identify issues that are important to you whether they be change or to identify something that has been missing in the relationship. You may have heard of accord also.

Google defines accord as follows:


Give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition): “the powers accorded to the head of state”.
An official agreement or treaty.
verb. grant – agree – give – confer
noun. agreement – concord – harmony – concordance – concert

We help you both rediscover your accord or harmony in your marriage. We help you find an agreement that will last

We then assist in facilitating a way to help both of you to reach goals that a re agreeable to you and your partner. Our sessions will also equip you both for the future and the natural changes that come with life.

Often people say to us ‘ I was afraid to tell my partner how I felt (worrying how they may react). However, mediation where the communication was controlled I felt I was able to speak my mind in a safe environment’.

Is it Confidential?


What have other couples said about us?

‘Excellent , inva luable to our marriage, we needed it to enable us to take time out for ourselves and learn to appreciate each other in a new way’

Catriona, Athlone

‘Since we met with the mediator we are communicating better.  We have more understanding of each other’s needs and are not afraid to speak about anything’

John, Limerick

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