Tenancy Mediation

Tenancy Mediation can be a different and more cost effective way for you to resolve your disputes.
If you find yourself in dispute with a tenant or landlord the courts aren’t your only option. How about you decide the outcome unlike court or arbitration. Importantly, our mediators have knowledge of the Private Residential Tenancies Acts and can assist you in sorting out the problem fast without lengthy waiting lists. Furthermore, we can contact the other side if you find it difficult to communicate with them.

Why use mediation?

  • It’s fast – we can solve disputes within, on average, 5-10 working days.
  • Confidential. Unlike court, parties resolve matters at a neutral private venue.
  • Additionally, it is a cost-effective  way to get a legally binding document. Thus, parties save on average about 90% compared with legal costs. 
  • Moreover, where mediation is successful and agreement is reached many clients don’t feel the need to go to court at all – saving many months’ time, cost, and above all inconvenience.

Clearly, mediation is more important than ever. Once the current Covid-19 related delay on issuing eviction proceedings has ended, landlords may be required to reach out to tenants to understand their financial position before taking possession action through the courts. Mediation can help  encourage landlords and tenants to work together to agree on an affordable rent repayment plan if their tenants fall into rent arrears. 

It should be noted that many issues can be resolved through mediation:
Firstly, deposits,
Secondly, repairs needed due to damage caused,
Insurance issues,
Break lease,
In addition, Management Company issues,
Invasion of privacy,
Finally, issues with Rights & Responsibilities,

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