How can Family Mediation Services or a Family Mediator help Me?

A Family Mediator provides a service designed to assist spouses or partners who have decided to separate or divorce to  work out their own way forward with their best interests in mind and are  assisted in doing so by a trained professional.Family mediation provides couples with an alternative to the lengthy, expensive court system . It is not a counselling service although it does aim to assist couples find a way forward. This service can help people achieve a low cost divorce .

Many issues may need to be discussed at family mediation in a sensitive manner and at a pace that suits all parties. Issues such as access and custody of children, family home, and other assets such as perhaps second house, access to pension rights and rights that may arise under a will. Your family mediator will help you make the best decisions for each of you. Another concern may be the payment of maintenance for partner and any children. Often a Parenting Plan can be drawn up for separating parents in order for them to take into account how the family will operate on a daily basis in the future such as managing responsibilities like school arrangements, holidays, and child care. Your family mediator will have skills necessary to help you sort out these issues.

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Once settlement is achieved the family mediation agreement is drawn up by the family mediator This is binding between the parties. However, This is a non legally binding document. Parties who wish to then formalise the matter can only do so by using the court system. No other body or party can give parties a document that officially separates them other than the courts. While your family mediator, the parties themselves or their solicitors prepare the paperwork in order to complete matters for court no one can make the document legal other than a Judge. Some parties that I meet at family mediation are content to be bound once each of them have signed the mediated agreement others say that they would rather bring that agreement to the court and have it enforced by a Judge. It is a matter for each individual to decide.


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Family Mediation Services


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You can suggest family mediation to the other side before a case is filed in court.  Of course your case will not be affected if family mediation does not work out. You can still use the court system . Mediation is merely an alternative. Other than the cost, and some of your time, you have almost nothing to lose by going to family mediation services.


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