why choose us

Why choose us as your mediator?

    • All of our mediators are solicitors (although they wont give legal advice ) so you can draw on their experience
    • Our mediators serve on the Law Society panel of mediators which can only be achieved if you are a qualified solicitor and undergo a comprehensive interview
    • The mediators have extensive experience (approximately 5 years) working in the courts on a range of legal matters. In addition their experience as mediators for over 11 years can help clients.
    • Our mediators are fully insured, certified mediators
    • In addition, the mediators work in this area full time so you can be sure you get a quality service.
    • All of our local mediators hold practising certificates with the professional body of mediators in Ireland.
    • We meet you at a time that suits you both. Many people work office hours and may not be available to attend a meeting during the day. We can facilitate this on request.
    • If you prefer not to come to our offices, we meet you at a venue that suits you. Many people have young children or just prefer to meet in the comfort of their own home. Alternatively, we have various meeting rooms that we use for our mediations across many areas in Ireland. Just let us know and our secretary can arrange this.
    • We don’t have waiting lists. We aim to meet parties within 72 hours of being contacted or sooner if its an emergency. It is important that when people contact the office the matter at hand may be quite difficult and thus we aim to meet as soon as possible once contacted.
    • Once the first meeting has taken place we follow up regularly with progress on matters via phone or email
    • Our mediated agreements are thorough and lasting so that you get a long lasting LEGALLY binding agreement on all matters .
  • So why delay any longer ? Call us now and see if we can help on 087 98 32 112.