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Why choose us?

All of our mediators are qualified solicitors and have represented clients at Employment Appeals Tribunals. Our mediators then retrained as workplace mediators and clients can benefit from their experience both as mediators and solicitors.

Why Mediation can help your company

  1. Mediation is confidential – disputants get to say and be listened to in confidence without their colleagues being aware’.
  2. An external workplace Mediator is unconnected to the situation and thus they can be neutral.
  3. Mediation gives disputants a safe, neutral setting to air their grievances.
  4. Mediation can deal with a workplace dispute without involving other employees or management.
  5. Workplace disputes are inevitable and can carry serious risks to the business.Mediation can intervene before things get out of hand.
  6. Mediation aids the parties to communicate more effectively and sets the standard for future conduct.
  7. Human Resources can inform the mediator if they seek. To have an input in the final agreement or report.

Workplace investigations:

We assist companies in carrying out workplace investigations.

We can provide a programme to ensure a successful investigation and to avoid common mistakes in carrying out that difficult investigation.

We then provide Management with a documented decision.

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