What is a workplace mediator?

The workplace can be a very stressful environment for many parties. Harrassment/bullying among other issues can be a problem and can affect performance standards. These issues may affect an employee’s emotional wellbeing and thus their work performance. This can often lead to conflict.
Mediation can really benefit the parties especially as they may often need to continue to work together.  A workplace Mediator can increase efficency in the workplace as all issues are discussed and dealt with in a neutral environment with a trained professional.

How does it work?

If you decide mediation might interest you we can contact the other party and enquire (anonymously if requested) as to whether or not they might be agreeable to mediation.

It can be difficult to achieve resolution without compromising neutrality. A neutral facilitator (workplace mediator) who remains objective can often be the catalyst in achieving mutually acceptable resolutions.

Employees are more likely to stick to any agreement made as they will have designed it themselves.


Workplace Bullying or Sexual Harassment can have a negative impact on the entire workforce

Case study of where mediation can be used  successfully:


A Manager of a hospital has been given a  claim of unfair dismissal from an employee who was let go from their job after passing the probation period but with less than one year’s service. The employee is pregnant and claims that the hospital were aware of this. Her boss in the hospital has gone on long term sick leave and is not able to shed any light on the situation.

The employee wants to be treated fairly to ensure that others do not get treated the same way in the future, but is not too concerned about coming back to work. The hospital does not want a public case which it will find hard to defend but neither does it want to appear to be an easy target. Thus, sitting down with a neutral trained  workplace mediator can help resolve matters. Workplace mediation can assist all parties in finding a solution that is agreeable to all.

2 .

A manager is accused of bullying an employee. The employee claims that he is being pushed beyond his call of duty and told he has to work late whenever the results are not met. The employee has said they need more staff and the manager gives him a hard time as a result. The manager then accuses the employee of not pulling his weight. They used to get on really well together . The company has become aware of the issues and wants them to continue working together and hopes that mediation will help them.

Both parties agreed to come to mediation where a settlement was eventually reached and they now have a good working relationship and none of the work colleagues became aware of any issues. With the help of the workplace mediator all matters were eventually resolved.

These are samples of where mediation can be used successfully if both parties agree to starting the process. Call us on 087 98 32 112 to see if your situation could be helped.

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