What is a Workplace Investigation

If an allegation has been made in the workplace it may be necessary for an independent external investigation to take place. Importantly, the role of the external investigator is to establish what facts surround the allegation that has been made.

Firstly, the investigator will gather all notes, statements and any diary entries. In addition, any other written forms of information or other forms of information that will help in the workplace investigation.

The workplace investigator will usually interview the parties in order to obtain further relevant information. Then the investigator will prepare a report . This report will outline the nature and details of the complaint, and any response which the respondent (person defending their position) may have given to the complaint made. The investigator will then provide in detail their findings from the investigation. Following on from the above, the workplace investigator provides a conclusion and possibly outline certain recommendations to Human Resources as to best avoid such decisions in the future.

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